“Your work seems to have its own light source. They just glow! I often enter a room and am surprised by the light emanating from one of your paintings.”

Laurel Wilmore, Collector

“I have 3 pieces of art by Diane Sawyer. I love her use of light, cloud formations, and water. She captures reflections beautifully, and her colors make me feel peaceful. Her work is amazing!”

—Karen Henry-Garrett, Collector


“These paintings show a sensitive investigation of color and motion in nature. This artist knows how to break the rules—as in the tilted horizon line—and make a successful composition. We found pleasure in the variety of marks/strokes and the expressive use of color. Masterful Works!”

—South Shore Art Center, Gallery Artist Selection Committee

“Your work just feels ‘glorious’ — not like a banner raised high with a chant, but in how light meets color to capture a moment, or an essence… so subtle but so captivating!”

—Kathy Sheridan, Collector



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