Plein Air Cycle With Bromptons

This is an excerpt from my other blog, Pleinaircycle. If you’d like to read more about my biking and painting adventures, it is a good place to look. Let me know what you think!

Traveling with bikes is great. Traveling on planes and buses and trains with bikes can be a challenge. So this spring We got two Brompton folding bikes from Nycewheels with 6 gears, and a 12% reduction in the gear ratio to make it easier to climb hills.image

Our shake down ride was to Provincetown MA, a mere 60 miles for me, 120 miles for Gerry. I was already in Sandwich MA for a 3 day pastel workshop with Tony Allain. Tony is an amazing pastelist from the UK, known for his brilliant use of color, and the intentional stokes he uses to create his elegant compositions. It was a great workshop, and fun sharing the experience with some of my favorite pastel artists, as well as a wonderful chance to study with Tony. The above painting is one of Tony’s demos.

On Friday night Gerry arrived on his Brompton, and Saturday we rode the remaining 60 miles to P-town. It was our longest ride on the bromptons yet, and we were pleasantly surprised at how great we felt at the end of the ride! The higher handlebars (M style) is perfect for those who like a more up right position.

We rode Sandwich to P-town, then back to Boston on the hi speed ferry, and along the harbor back home. What a great Trip!