Expanse Series

Rapid Descent, 27×40, Pastel
Expanse, 20×40, Pastel on black ground
Late Night Flight, 24×18 on prepared board
Harbour Twilight, 18×24 Soft Pastel
Ocean Towers, 18×30, pastel, ink, charcoal,
Old Town Albuquerque, 18×30, pastel
Making the Connection, 18×24. soft pastel on black UArt
Mystic Meets Malden, 24×18, pastel, SOLD
At the Crossroads, 24×18, soft pastel
At What Cost, 18×24, soft pastel
ElectriCity, 18×24, soft pastel or prepared board
St. Soupplets, Isle de France, 6:07am, 18×24
St Mard, Isle de France, 6:09 AM, Pastel on Prepared Board
Mauregard, Isle de France, 6:11am, 14×14
Where are We Going?, 18×24 on prepared board
Tanks at Tremley Point, 18×18, on prepared board

One comment

  1. Michele Mozzone · April 16, 2019

    Such a unique niche you have – love them all, but the more abstract ones are my faves. I want to see more! Keep them coming.


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