Opening at Milton Public Library, July 21, 2011

It was an interesting process installing my work at the library the past few days. As the show went up during hours the library is open, many people stopped and commented on the work on their way through the gallery. It was great to get such immediate feedback.

Most of the work is done in very soft pastels on a sanded paper. The sanded surface allows for colors to be layered over one another, creating a sense of space and atmosphere. Working with pastel is like working with pure pigment. The surface is touched as little as possible, except in areas like the sky, which is usually blended.

Most people seem surprised to hear that the work is done in pastel, as they seem more like paintings.

Over the past year since I began working with pastels I have gotten more skilled at using their special quality to the best advantage. Layering the pastel pigments has allowed me to explore light and color, and how they change over distance. I am particularly intrigued right now with water, how it reflects the sky, but also is transparent, with the objects below and above the surface combining in an ever changing mosaic. I am also very inspired by the light in these warm summer months, especially in the morning and the evening, when the sun is low in the sky.

I’ve just begun to explore this beautiful medium. I look forward to learning more and seeing more with each new piece. Thank you to Jeanne Rosier Smith, who so generously shares her insight and deep knowledge of the medium.

In addition to pastels, the show includes 8 photographs printed on an aluminum substrate. The aluminum substrate creates a luminous surface that beautifully displays the detail and color of the images. I am showing  five prints from a hydrangea series, and three tide pool images shot on Vancouver Island.

I hope you will be able to make it to the opening, or if not, to stop by the show while it is up through the end of August. I will be showing 21 pastels and 8 metal prints that represent my work over the past year.

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